Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bercerai Susu?

Bercerai Susu?


Dua tiga menjak ni production susu sgt merundum...Opss...  Sebelum tu.  For those yang x berminat psl entry ni, sila skip or mind your business okay? You’re not invited... (menyampah dgn sesiape yang menyampah entry psl breastfeeding).  Pity them for not understanding the capability of being a mother who has a ‘power’ to produce milk for their babies.


Today my twins are 1 year, 4 months.  Since my twins already started to eat solid food (lama dah), they also less having breastfeeding.  I have the intention to wean them off.  Somehow deep inside of me is a bit reluctant to do so.  Sgt x smpi hati okay?  I wish I can produce more & more as that makes me happy.  Also good for the twinzie.  But I do believe it’s my call.  And I have to end this by end of this year 2011.  Sob3!! L


So now I guess I have to keep aside my entire brestpump gadget.  No more inspector gadget that carries a bag of breastpump set to office every single day.  I already miss my MEDELA Double Electric Mini E Pump.  She had contributed a lot towards my journey for breastfeeding.



Picture of my MEDELA Double Electric Mini E Pump


My twins seems x kesah sgt klu xdpt EBM skrg ni as they had solid and also drinking FM.  Having EBM helps a lot towards their immunisation system.  Eventhough they enjoyed EMB 6oz/day only (6oz/day that is only much mommy able to produce), they rarely got ill or sick compare to other babies.  Since they were born, Lil Qs have fallen ill for only 4times each!   Mommy is so proud of you girls.  I always pray during my pumping session, “Ya Allah, jadikanlah susu perahan ku hari ini susu yang secukup2nya buat kedua2 anakku.  Cukup zat, cukup khasiat serta pengisiannya.  Aku redha dengan setiap titik susu ini adalah dari pemberian Mu yang tak ternilai buat anak2ku.  Amin”.


Berkat doa mommy buat Qaisara & Qistina mommy yg comel...mommy doakan kejayaan anak2 mommy dunia & akhirat.  Now, its time for both of you to explore the world by your own.  Apa merepek nih?


Kalau dah nk weaning off tu, most probably Qaisara will had a lil’ problem on a start since she direct feeding during the night.  Mommy sentiasa berdoa walaupun mommy dah x pump susu EBM di siang hari, masih ada saki baki utk Qaisara direct feed pada waktu malamnya.  Selagi ada, selagi tulah Qaisara akan mommy bagi minum.  As for Qistina, she only drinks her EBM from bottle.  She is such a strong & independent girl.  She used to let go direct feeding & give chance to her sister.  As for return, she will drinks from the bottle.  Lagipun minum dari botol ni lebih kenyang & cepat.  Qistina x suke mengempeng lame2.. heheh... somehow mommy lebih suka klu both dapat direct feeding because I just love the bonding with you girls.


Another thing which comes to my concern is the birth control.  Ever since I breastfeed, I do not commit with any birth control pills/anything.  When you breastfeed, the ovum will be less fertile than the normal state.  So, when the time has come, I guess I need to get a birth control.  At least a pill.  Risau jugak tibe2 lekat.  Hope not so soon.

So pill apa yang sesuai ye? Any ideas??


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  1. continue jer lah ngan pump ida sampai diaorang 2tahun...insyallah cukup. selagi rajin pump insyaallah susu tak putus...pil perancang pada aku semua sama jer, sebab aku ni jenis subur sesangat kot...kikiki, yg pasti semua pil itu akan menggemukkan anda...kikiki...sekarang ni aku amik injection 3bulan sekali...eloknya pasang iucd:)