Friday, 10 February 2012

Party @ the pool!

Party @ the pool!

Today nk update psl birthday my nephew Aryan. His ibu set a pool jelly ice cream pool party for his 2nd birthday.. Lil Qs came with their bikinis and had a full blast party that day.. Here Mak ngah would like to wish Aryan a happy belated birthday!

Lil Qs in their bikini...ready for swimming!

Praise a doa for Aryan

My lil Qistina with tok ayah

Singing birthday song

Lets blow the candle!!

Big daddy, Aryan, Ibu & upcoming baby posse

Mak long, Lil Qs & mommy

Such a great evening that day...Hope Lil Qs may have another chance to play with all cousins in the pool. Next time around!!

Location:Shah Alam

Monday, 30 January 2012

My twins

Hi all,


Today nk update gambar my twins attending their relative’s wedding.  First of all, congratulations to my cousin.  Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu.


My comment on this picture; my twins do love to wave and give flying kisses just like they were in a miss universe contest... hahah! Girls...!


Till then, bye!

Tutti Fruittie Tak Halal?



Dah berapa lame x hapdate blog?? Ekekekk!! Ni kronik ni..ape nak jadi...??


Maap le..I am desperately busy and kinda not in da mood to update..boley?? uhuhu...I hope I don't act like this forever...Bad habit!!! Errgh!!


Ok, today nk update entry yg dh lame..It's about tutti fruittie (TF)...


Gambar2 ni di ambil ketika me & my spouse tasted the first ever TF.  Apo la yg sodap sgt & menarik sgt psl TF ni?? Jom terjah..hmmm...apo la yg org gilo sakan sgt pegi TF mkn yogurt ni? Nk taw jugak..


Once tasted, my personal comment is, not bad...somehow not really something which I favour.  Rasenye sekali ni je pegi rase kowt?? Xdo la gempak sgt..uhuhu...It's just a yogurt somehow.. Ni my personal comments ya? Sape die hard fan TF tu sekati korang la klu korang rase mcm mane..this is what I tasted.. yey! Jgn mare!


Tup2 after few months dh pegi mkn TF ni, my friend claimed that she checked in Jakim website & found out this TF is not registered as Halal product under Jakim...  I am like, "WHAT??? OMG! No HALAL from JAKIM??"


Why is this happening in Malaysia so-called-Islam country..I am totally confused.  Furthermore, towards my suprise, Subway pn xde certified Halal from JAKIM??? What???!!  Punyer la dh berkodi2 haku menelan makanan2 tersebut...adeih...tau x ape yg haku telan dh llaaaame jadi darah daging ku ni??? I don't want me & my kids mkn makanan2 yang diragui mcm ni...!!! I don't want & nobody wants!!  Why on earth did this very two huge & famous food retail outlets did not certified for Halal Jakim?? Come on man, this is not a non-islamic country.. Sepatutnyer this kinda HALAL ceritification shall be fully enforced towards not only company whom apply for it, but to every entire retail outlet.  Or else just make it simple like our movie at cinema.  How do we allow certain age to enter the cinema & watch certain movie??? Answer: By differentiate each movies into categories i.e U, 18SG, 18PL, 18 whateva...  Klu movie boleh dikategorikan like that, why not our food?


If its Halal, make all Halal food standard certified by JAKIM.  If it's not HALAL, still register with JAKIM but under non-halal food category.  As long as all food & beverages outlet in this entire Malaysia being registered under one organisation.


Today, I as Malaysian citizen would like to confess in my very own blog about how I truely sad & not satisfied about how the government runs our F&B outlets.  I don't feel you guys have done your best here.  Just look how I smile in my picture with the TF yogurt.  Now I don't feel like smiling anymore.


Me & my sarcastic mode in my blog today.


The end.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Mood update blog ke laut..

Hi all,

Lame gile x update blog..reason? Senarai2 alasan spt di bawah:

1. Malas
2. Xde idea nk update apa
3. Busy pn iye jugak
4. Bile update2 nk earn income ni...?

Tu pasal le mood daku ke laut je...

Sekian terima kasih... :p

Location:Jalan Sri Siantan 49,Klang,Malaysia

Meet upin & ipin

Bergambar bersama sheela (upin&ipin)

Friday, 30 December 2011

Looking for Online Baby Shops??

Looking for Online Baby Shops??


For those mom-to-be or parents whose looking for online baby shops, yes you may just click the lists below.  These are few of my regular online websites.  I enjoy buying online and sometimes only surf to get some ideas..  Plus, for those mommy whose working & their company has blocked the blogspot domain (choy!!!), these website will be a bonus for all of you! So have fun clicking ya!


Till then...bye bye!




Baby Sasha & Mom


Little Whiz


The Lil Caliph




Kasihku Sayangku


my BB


Mama Paradise




Angie Outlet


The Baby Loft


Baby Care


Mom's Little Ones


Anggugu Shop


Jonas Jodie


Baby Bump Maternity


Tiny Stores


Fabulous Mom


My Mambobaby


Gifts From Heaven


Mummy's Gems

Monday, 12 December 2011

Kerja untuk Hidup atau Hidup Untuk Kerja?

Kerja untuk Hidup atau Hidup Untuk Kerja?




Cuba tanya pada pada diri sendiri.  Adakah aku bekerja untuk hidup? Atau adakah aku hidup untuk kerja?


Jom kita cube senaraikan ciri-ciri yang ada: -


1)    Saya kerja hari2 dan jarang bercuti.  Cuti tahunan pn banyak lagi.

2)    Saya juga kerja hari-hari dan jarang jatuh sakit.  Cuti sakit saya jarang sekali terusik.

3)    Saya kerja xdelah banyak sangat pn.. Hari2 sama, pergi kerja..buat kerja apa yang ada, balik on time.

4)    Saya kerja hanya untuk bayar hutang piutang, bil elektrik, bil air, astro, cukai2, renew roadtax, servis kereta & keperluan dapur dan juga harian.

5)    Saya tidak pergi bercuti ke mana-mana kerana tidak ada bajet.

Pernah mengalami situasi yang sama??? Kalau jawapan anda ialah ‘ya’, maka renung2kan.  Hidup bukan sahaja demi material tetapi juga terhadap rohaniah.  Speaking of myself. Hahah!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Trip ke Bali

Trip ke Bali


Hi all,


Title entry yang menarik kan?  This Bali trip was quiet some time already.  It was actually on my birthday, 28th June 2011.  It was really a memorable birthday present plus great family getaway.  Akhirnya kami berjaya pergi bercuti bersama keluarga, just mommy, abah & Lil Qs.


Ketika ni, Lil Qs baru masuk 9 months.  Having a baby carrier is such a convenient gadget especially when travelling time.  Thanks to my closest officemate for the carriers.  I really love those & it was one of my favourite on-the-go-must-have items.  Aspects for a huge luggage plus the twins.  People will barely say that such a hassle & lots of trouble.


During the trip, we had one luggage for mommy & abah’s stuff.  Another small luggage for Lil Qs cloths, diapers, FM, cereal and lots of other bla,bla,bla stuffs.  We try to minimise our travelling stuffs as to make the travelling becomes more convenient plus hassle free.  As for the hand luggage, we brought the travel backpack just to put in the twins milk bottle, flusk, plain water, their cereals and diapers.  As for me & husband, we just pack our passport and other related stuff into our pouch.  No handbag during this kinda travelling ok?  Bring cloths that easily washed or just thin cloths.  Wear sport shoes.  Guess we need to walk a lot & you don’t need other than sport shoes.  Bring travelling toiletteries.  This may reduce your luggage capacity.  Book a baby friendly hotel which able to provide a baby-cot, baby food or travel gear.  These are optional since not all hotels can provide.  If you manage to find one, it will be a bonus to you who travels with baby.


I made a thorough research from internet on ways & tips to travel long distance with baby especially twins.  It took me about 2 months to do a research & make ourselves prepared for the 4D3N trip.  Whether to bring or not to bring our twin stroller.  Who’s gonna handle the stroller, the luggages and all sorts of other hand luggages while you’re carrying one baby each?  That will be a total mass-up!  Finally I found a website, a full service baby and toddler equipment rental agency offering high quality products to the traveling parent.  Dang!! What a relief!  My entire headache on thinking whether to bring or not to bring strollers etc has gone!  We rental a tandem stroller with very minimum rental cost.  Such very conveniences because they even send your rental gear straight to your room!  For those who would like to travel to Bali with baby or toddler, you may check out this website ok?


As for baby stuffs such as formula milk/ baby food/diapers, you may bring a few with you.  Once you reach there, you may able to buy from their shopping mall such as Carrefour, Matahari mall, etc.  Ensure you have google map it in advance so that you know the nearest place to buy.


The moment you are on board with the babies, there’s nothing to be worry of.  Once the plane is about to take off, we can either breastfeed our babies or milk bottle.  This is to ensure that the babies’ ears are not interrupted by the gravity.  If the baby refuses to drink we may just feed them with small chunks of fruits or let them sip a plain water/juice.  The whole process will takes only for few minutes.  Say you baby cries, just calm her down by pinching her nose a few sec & let her grasp for breath.  That way can also reduce the uneasiness towards their ears.


Let’s enjoy some snapshots way from Bali ya?!


Wearing a pouch each, a baby carrier each, travel bag for Abah, and sport shoes.  We are all set!


Check in at KLIA.


Lil Qs passport...  Off to Bali.


Abah & Lil Qistina checking in.


Qaisara & Qistina waiting for departure.


Ready to go on board!



Lil Qs watching Upin & Ipin while mommy & abah doing in-house Bali massage.  You can see me at the back of the photo doing massage.  I can watch my babies while massage.  How cool is that?!


The Boutique Villa


Me at Kuta Beach with Lil Qaisara in the carrier.


Abah with Lil Qistina in the carrier.  Fell asleep during morning walk at the Kuta Beach.  All you need is a pouch & a baby carrier and you are ready to go!



The baby travel bag worn by abah all the way.  Luckily abah was tough enough to handle the bag.. J  Mommy surrender!



Bought Lil Qs cereal at the Carrefour


Lil Qaisara fell asleep at the couch.  Zzzzz.....


My sweet little princesses!


Me with lil Qaisara on a hot tub after enjoying swimming in the pool.


Enjoying our private pool in the Villa.


Abah & Lil Qistina in the pool























Our private pool in The Boutique Villa.


Enjoying Upin&Ipin DVD.  This villa provides a DVD player with a flat screen TV too!


Shopping at Kuta town


Qaisara & Qistina finally reached The Boutique Villa Private Pool Villa.


My twins with their Hard Rock Bali rompers.


Ready to go back after a most enjoyable family trip.


So next coming trip... Where to?  Kena tanya abah ni... huhu... Ada bajet ke xda bajet ni?? Hehhee.... pengsan....


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bercerai Susu?

Bercerai Susu?


Dua tiga menjak ni production susu sgt merundum...Opss...  Sebelum tu.  For those yang x berminat psl entry ni, sila skip or mind your business okay? You’re not invited... (menyampah dgn sesiape yang menyampah entry psl breastfeeding).  Pity them for not understanding the capability of being a mother who has a ‘power’ to produce milk for their babies.


Today my twins are 1 year, 4 months.  Since my twins already started to eat solid food (lama dah), they also less having breastfeeding.  I have the intention to wean them off.  Somehow deep inside of me is a bit reluctant to do so.  Sgt x smpi hati okay?  I wish I can produce more & more as that makes me happy.  Also good for the twinzie.  But I do believe it’s my call.  And I have to end this by end of this year 2011.  Sob3!! L


So now I guess I have to keep aside my entire brestpump gadget.  No more inspector gadget that carries a bag of breastpump set to office every single day.  I already miss my MEDELA Double Electric Mini E Pump.  She had contributed a lot towards my journey for breastfeeding.



Picture of my MEDELA Double Electric Mini E Pump


My twins seems x kesah sgt klu xdpt EBM skrg ni as they had solid and also drinking FM.  Having EBM helps a lot towards their immunisation system.  Eventhough they enjoyed EMB 6oz/day only (6oz/day that is only much mommy able to produce), they rarely got ill or sick compare to other babies.  Since they were born, Lil Qs have fallen ill for only 4times each!   Mommy is so proud of you girls.  I always pray during my pumping session, “Ya Allah, jadikanlah susu perahan ku hari ini susu yang secukup2nya buat kedua2 anakku.  Cukup zat, cukup khasiat serta pengisiannya.  Aku redha dengan setiap titik susu ini adalah dari pemberian Mu yang tak ternilai buat anak2ku.  Amin”.


Berkat doa mommy buat Qaisara & Qistina mommy yg comel...mommy doakan kejayaan anak2 mommy dunia & akhirat.  Now, its time for both of you to explore the world by your own.  Apa merepek nih?


Kalau dah nk weaning off tu, most probably Qaisara will had a lil’ problem on a start since she direct feeding during the night.  Mommy sentiasa berdoa walaupun mommy dah x pump susu EBM di siang hari, masih ada saki baki utk Qaisara direct feed pada waktu malamnya.  Selagi ada, selagi tulah Qaisara akan mommy bagi minum.  As for Qistina, she only drinks her EBM from bottle.  She is such a strong & independent girl.  She used to let go direct feeding & give chance to her sister.  As for return, she will drinks from the bottle.  Lagipun minum dari botol ni lebih kenyang & cepat.  Qistina x suke mengempeng lame2.. heheh... somehow mommy lebih suka klu both dapat direct feeding because I just love the bonding with you girls.


Another thing which comes to my concern is the birth control.  Ever since I breastfeed, I do not commit with any birth control pills/anything.  When you breastfeed, the ovum will be less fertile than the normal state.  So, when the time has come, I guess I need to get a birth control.  At least a pill.  Risau jugak tibe2 lekat.  Hope not so soon.

So pill apa yang sesuai ye? Any ideas??


Qaisara in da house!

Qaisara in da house!



Qaisara with her giant bottle!




Qaisara strong dramatics posse.  She’s 1 year old.




Qaisara with her yellow balloons




Happy-go-lucky Qaisara




Qaisara in rain deer suit