Monday, 30 January 2012

Tutti Fruittie Tak Halal?



Dah berapa lame x hapdate blog?? Ekekekk!! Ni kronik ni..ape nak jadi...??


Maap le..I am desperately busy and kinda not in da mood to update..boley?? uhuhu...I hope I don't act like this forever...Bad habit!!! Errgh!!


Ok, today nk update entry yg dh lame..It's about tutti fruittie (TF)...


Gambar2 ni di ambil ketika me & my spouse tasted the first ever TF.  Apo la yg sodap sgt & menarik sgt psl TF ni?? Jom terjah..hmmm...apo la yg org gilo sakan sgt pegi TF mkn yogurt ni? Nk taw jugak..


Once tasted, my personal comment is, not bad...somehow not really something which I favour.  Rasenye sekali ni je pegi rase kowt?? Xdo la gempak sgt..uhuhu...It's just a yogurt somehow.. Ni my personal comments ya? Sape die hard fan TF tu sekati korang la klu korang rase mcm mane..this is what I tasted.. yey! Jgn mare!


Tup2 after few months dh pegi mkn TF ni, my friend claimed that she checked in Jakim website & found out this TF is not registered as Halal product under Jakim...  I am like, "WHAT??? OMG! No HALAL from JAKIM??"


Why is this happening in Malaysia so-called-Islam country..I am totally confused.  Furthermore, towards my suprise, Subway pn xde certified Halal from JAKIM??? What???!!  Punyer la dh berkodi2 haku menelan makanan2 tersebut...adeih...tau x ape yg haku telan dh llaaaame jadi darah daging ku ni??? I don't want me & my kids mkn makanan2 yang diragui mcm ni...!!! I don't want & nobody wants!!  Why on earth did this very two huge & famous food retail outlets did not certified for Halal Jakim?? Come on man, this is not a non-islamic country.. Sepatutnyer this kinda HALAL ceritification shall be fully enforced towards not only company whom apply for it, but to every entire retail outlet.  Or else just make it simple like our movie at cinema.  How do we allow certain age to enter the cinema & watch certain movie??? Answer: By differentiate each movies into categories i.e U, 18SG, 18PL, 18 whateva...  Klu movie boleh dikategorikan like that, why not our food?


If its Halal, make all Halal food standard certified by JAKIM.  If it's not HALAL, still register with JAKIM but under non-halal food category.  As long as all food & beverages outlet in this entire Malaysia being registered under one organisation.


Today, I as Malaysian citizen would like to confess in my very own blog about how I truely sad & not satisfied about how the government runs our F&B outlets.  I don't feel you guys have done your best here.  Just look how I smile in my picture with the TF yogurt.  Now I don't feel like smiling anymore.


Me & my sarcastic mode in my blog today.


The end.

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